Razorcake #99 & Back Issues

Essential punk rock literature.

Pre-order - #100 - October / November (We'll post to you as soon as they arrive)


Features interviews with Bad Sports, Jaime Hernandez, Midnite Snaxxx, as well as articles on Homelessness In Los Angeles, and DIY Gardening.

Featuring Mikey Erg, Mia d’Bruzzi (Frightwig, Mudwimin), Seeing the Scene through Punk Photography, and One Punk’s Guide to Peace Corps Service

One Punk's Guide to Rap, interviews with Pedal Strike, The Fur Coats, Sharkpact.

Interviews with Sun Bather, Mecca Normal, Success, One Punk's Guie to Christian Punk.

Interviews with Trap Girl, Gentlemen Prefer Blood, Warriors

Interviews with Aaron Cometbus, Eureka California, Basement Benders, Lenny Lashley (of Darkbuster, Street Dogs, Gang Of One)

Interviews with Total Control, Nervosas, The Slits, Jake Smith pt 2

Interviews with Benny & the Jet Rodiquez and Listen Lady, One Other Punk's Guide to Pinball, plus the usual columns, comics and reviews.

Interviews with Black Rainbow, Tor Johnson Records, Aztlan Underground.