Lemuria - The First Collection LP

Collection of Lemuria's early recordings, contains some of their catchiest straight forward punk hits. Purple vinyl from Yo-Yo Records.


1. Hours
2. Lick Your Lips
3. Bugbear
4. Rough Draft
5. Keep Quiet
6. Bristles and Whiskers
7. Sophmore
8. In a World of Ghosts...
9. Who Would Understand a Turtle
10. Bee Spit
11. The Origamists Too
12. It's Not a Lie, It's a Secret
13. Bookworm
14. The Origamists
15. Home for the Holidays
16. Piranha
17. Trivial Greek Mythology
18. The Origamists II

Pressing Information

Yo Yo Records - Purple Vinyl