Title Fight - Floral Green LP SD1 509-1

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"Title Fight continue to revel in the '90s on Floral Green, reviving the sounds of Knapsack and Jawbreaker, with elements of Nirvana and Sonic Youth present in parts. The band fuses these outside inspirations with their own style to once again produce an album that strays from their previous efforts. Title Fight experiment with more than just influences on the record, resulting in some of their most interesting and personal songwriting to date." - Punknews

Gatefold sleeve - 180 gram vinyl


1. Numb, But I Still Feel It
2. Leaf
3. Like A Ritual
4. Secret Society
5. Head In The Ceiling Fan
6. Make You Cry
7. Sympathy
8. Frown
9. Calloused
10. Lefty
11. In-Between