The Fairweather Band - S/T 12" SPS027

First ep from Exeter four piece The Fairweather Band, 7 tracks on a one sided 12"!

You may know front man Rory Matthews as his acoustic alter ego, Some Sort of Threat. The Fairweather Band is a more rockin' platform to present his concise and intricate songwriting. Taking influence from the likes of Against Me!, Billy Bragg and The Weakerthans this is great, intelligent, lyrically driven rock.

12" is packaged in a reverse board sleeve, with black inner sleeve. All copies on clear vinyl and a limited number have a screenprint on the B-Side.

Listen to the whole EP:

Track Listing

  1. Going Feral
  2. Pitiful and Despicable
  3. Three Circles
  4. Bleak
  5. Eyelids
  6. Inside My Head
  7. All Ears

Pressing Information

30 clear with white screenprinted B-side (release show version)
70 clear with grey screenprinted B-side
200 clear