Tenement - Predatory Headlights 2xLP / 2xTape

This album fucking rules! Appleton, Wisconsin's Tenement cover ground between punk, soul, hardcore, pop over 25 songs in 80 minutes on this double album. Straight up pop hits interspersed with out of tune piano, noise & samples.

Black vinyl on Don Giovanni Records

Also available on double cassette on Dead Broke. Second cassette contains a whole load of unheard demos.


Theme of The Cuckoo
Crop Circle Nation
Dull Joy
Feral Cat Tribe
The Shriveled Finger
Harvest Time (Has Come)
Under The Storm Clouds
Ants + Flies
Garden of Secrecy
The Butcher
Whispering Kids
Curtains Closed
Why Are We Where We Are
You Keep Me Cool
Cold The Pavement Is
Heavy Odor
A Frightening Place For Normal People
Licking A Wound
I'm Your Super Glue
Hive of Hives
The Dishwasher's Meal
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Foreign Phrase
Near You
Afraid of the Unknown