Out in the Sticks #1 - Zine

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Interviews with drummers from the UK DIY music scene

Issue #1 - Becoming a drummer

In the first of a planned series of zines, Jaca Freer explores the idea of people 'identifying as a drummer' through a series of interviews with people with varying levels of experience- those who have been playing a couple of months to those who have been playing since childhood.

Flo from Jesus and his Judgemental Father, Phoebe from Happy Accidents, Gem from Crumbs, Beverly from The Tuts and loads more drummers from your favourite DIY bands talk about how they got into playing, if they identify as a drummer and share their words of wisdom.

A 40 page zine by Jaca Freer of Freer Ideas- a Brighton-based drummer, percussionist, tutor and promoter with an aim to diversify and demystify music through education and events.