V/A - Faux Real II LP

Comp of real bands (Chumped, LVL UP, Allison Crutchfield...) covering fake ones. Purple vinyl from Father Daughter.


1. Chumped - Threshold (Scott Pilgrim vs The World)
2. Krill - Billy Madison Victory Song (Billy Madison)
3. Quarterbacks - You Painted My World (The Adventures of Pete & Pete)
4. Running In The Fog - Killer Tofu (Doug)
5. Allison Crutchfield - Special To Me (Phantom of the Paradise)
6. LVL UP - Somebody Kill Me Please (The Wedding Singer)
7. Sharpless - Franz Kafka (Home Movies)
8. Rivergazer - Fever Dog (Almost Famous)
9. Paint Sepsi - I Must Be In Love (The Rutles)
10. Small Wonder - Margerine (The Simpsons)