2017 Vinyl Bundle Deal

Every vinyl release Specialist Subject Records put out in 2017 (apart from the Pillow Queens 7" which is currently out of print).

7x LP albums
1x 12" EP
2x 7"s

All on colour vinyl. To buy separately this would come to £110.

What you get:

Slingshot Dakota - Broken (cream 7”)

Great Cynics - POSI (translucent beer LP)

Grand-Pop - Eight Nights (pink LP)

The Smith Street Band - More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me (2nd press halloween orange splatter LP)

Austeros - I've Got This (screenprinted 12”)

Caves - Always Why (translucent green LP)

Jesus and his Judgemental Father - It Might Get Better (cream LP)

Hard Girls - Floating Now (translucent blue LP)

Fresh - s/t (splatter LP)

Onsind - We Wilt, We Bloom (purple LP)

Plus bonus 2017 sampler CD