Smoking Popes - Destination Failure 2xLP

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Classic 1997 major label debut from the Chicago punks. Big influence on The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio etc. Double 12" reissue on from SideOneDummy, and featuring an hype sheet signed by the whole band.


1. Star Struck One
2. No More Smiles
3. I Know You Love Me
4. You Spoke to Me
5. Paul
6. Can't Find It.
7. Capital Cristine
8. Before I'm Gone
9. Megan
10. Let's Hear it for Love
11. Pure Imagination
12. I Was Right
13. They Lied
14. End of Your Time
15. Pretty Pathetic
16. Follow the Sound
17. Stormy Weather (Bonus)
18. I Was Wrong (Bonus)
19. Usually Don't Know (Bonus)