Bouncing Souls / Anti-Flag - BYO Split Series Vol. IV LP

Classic split LP from these two melodic punk rock groups. Covering each other's songs, covering other bands' songs, doing some originals. 12" vinyl from Better Youth Organisation.


1. Punks In Vegas (bouncing Souls)
2. No Security (bouncing Souls)
3. That's Youth (bouncing Souls)
4. Bryan's Lament (bouncing Souls)
5. We're Coming Back (bouncing Souls)
6. Less Than Free (bouncing Souls)
7. America Got It Right (anti-flag)
8. Smash It To Pieces (no Borders, No Nations)
9. Gifts From America: With Love, The Usa (anti-flag)
10. The Freak, Nerds & Romantics (anti-flag)
11. Ever Fallen In Love (anti-flag)